"Mama, if Adam & Eve were alive to see the current state of their offspring they’d shed tears like currents, enough to make Spring look like Summer; enough to make the springs by the hillside recoil."

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"The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others."

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Allah blessed us with the maxi skirt trend and then shaytaan ruined it by making them all sheer with slits down the side.

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Inna lillahi wa ina ilaihi raji'oun.



The hardest thing in the world, is hearing about the death of someone who was your age especially on tumblr. Ayanic-Bond has passed away today in a car accident along with a friend in Oregon.

She was only 19, and from what our mutual best friend Ayannish told me, she was the sweetest girl in the whole world. I never knew her, but as my sister in Islam my heart aches for her and her family and everyone that she was close to.

"Who taught you to hate being what God made you?"

Malcolm X  (ay)

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